Fire Sprinkler Systems in Hamilton

Ensure Proper Water Flow & Activation
All Type Fire Protection Inc. offers annual and monthly maintenance and inspection services for fire sprinkler systems in Hamilton, which include the following:

One of our installed fire sprinkler systems in Hamilton
●  Complete inspection of all sprinkler system components,
     including hangers, control valves, sprinkler heads, flow switches
     & dry pipe valves for all zones
●  Perform sprinkler system main water flow test
●  Flow test each water flow activated alarm system
●  Test all supervisory switches
●  Trip test all dry pipe systems to ensure proper activation
●  Clean, reset & prime dry valves
●  Check air compressor operation & oil level and repressurize in order
     to return systems to normal operation
●  Inspect & lubricate fire department pumper connections
●  Ensure adequate stock of spare sprinkler heads

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